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Wanna Turn YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA Followers Into Paying Clients?

Learn How to Turn Likes & Follows Into PAYING Clients in the

Clicks To Clients Workshop!

DISCOVER How To Increase Engagement, Drive Consistent Traffic, and Skyrocket Your Sales!




Join the Master of Marketing

Mike Wayne, for a Fun & Informative Two-Day Masterclass on

August 8th & 10th, 7 PM Eastern Time.

ARE YOU Tired Of Throwing Money At Online BUSINESS Strategies That JUST Don't Deliver?

Hey YOOO...

It's ya boy Mike Wayne!

Have you ever felt lost in the maze of digital marketing?

Confused by all the myths and "sure-fire" strategies that never seem to work?

I've been there.

Shiny Object Syndrome, using outdated strategies, following lame marketing myths, while watching my business flounder.... while others seemed to thrive effortlessly! 😫

It literally took me YEARS to figure it all out!

... and That's why I created the Clicks to Clients Workshop!

so you don't have to!

This isn’t just another Social Media or Marketing Workshop.

It’s your Complete Guide, your machete cutting through the overgrowth of business & marketing misinformation.

With every swing, we'll demolish myths, reveal truths, and light a clear path to your digital success!

I'll help you connect the dots!

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Clarity: Cut through the digital noise with a complete, easy to understand, fully customized blueprint for your business! We'll be using ChatGPT to help of course!

  • Confidence: Say goodbye to imposter syndrome! You'll never doubt yourself again with my proven strategies at your fingertips!

  • Command: Learn how to position yourself as a leading expert in your field, with others looking up to you for guidance! Become the go-to expert others seek out for wisdom and insight!

Don't let confusion hold you back. Gain CLARITY & unlock the true power of Social Media Marketing, and turn those profile clicks into loyal clients!

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You've got a social following, right?

Even if you're thinking it's small, there's STILL untapped gold there!

But here’s the catch: You gotta know the right ways to extract that GOLD!

The trick? Knowing how to mine the gold from those followers.

Every like, every shared story, every comment?

It's not just “virtual” applause—it's a future client who can't wait to sing your praises!

... And my Clicks to Clients workshop?

It’s your Golden Ticket! 🎫

In the Clicks to Clients Workshop,

I'm gonna show you,

step by step,

how to Convert those likes, stories and shares into raving clients who can't wait to work with you!

The Clicks to Clients Workshop will give you the clarity to sift through the digital chaos, spotlighting genuine opportunitieS that most people overlook!

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You might not realize it right now, but people are giving you buying clues on Social Media each and every day!

After the Clicks to Clients Workshop, you’ll have no more second-guessing and no more doubts.

Because you’ll be learning current & effective strategies that are tested & actually WORK!

So stop being a Participant and become the Authority!

Stop being a passive viewer;

... and become seen as the expert (that you actually are...)

that others look at with admiration and respect!

Isn’t it time you stepped up?

Aren't you tired of getting caught in the myths and mockeries of digital marketing?

It's time to transform every casual click into a paying client!

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Whether you're just starting out, have some experience under your belt, or you're leading the pack – this Workshop has got something for you!

Because no matter where you stand on the experience ladder, there’s ALWAYS room to sharpen that sword, tighten that game, and elevate your empire.

I'll be dropping untapped gems and strategies that can skyrocket ANY biz.

We'll be covering:

  • Online Offer Basics: Get the lowdown on what makes an offer sizzle!

  • Is Your Offer a Winner? Dive into Offer Validation and see if it's a hit or miss.

  • Who's Your Dream Client? Step-by-step to crafting your "Avatar" (It's not the blue movie aliens, promise!)

  • Lead-Gen Magic: Pro tricks to attract folks who can't wait to buy from you!

  • Social Media Mastery: Unleash the power of social platforms and watch the buzz about your biz skyrocket!

  • Websites & Funnel Fun: Make your online spaces so darn compelling, folks just can't resist.

  • Scale & Automate: Get bigger, better, faster without breaking a sweat.

  • Bust Those Business Bumps: Overcome challenges like a superhero smashing through walls!

So let's dive in, shall we?

Let's supercharge your journey from wherever you are,

to "I-can't-believe-I-did-that" success! 🔥🔥🔥

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Hey, I’m Mike!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 4 years now. My very first company was launched in 2017. AMPM Credit Repair. After launching that company, I saw the demand with so many people wanting to learn how to launch their own credit repair company. 

So I developed and created my first online digital course. Teaching people how to do exactly what I do. Launching their own credit repair company from scratch. Then I had thousands of people online watching my online course sales go crazy and they began asking if I could teach them how to ALSO launch a valuable online course. But in THEIR own desired niche/industry. 

That’s when ANOTHER aha moment came to me. What if I take all of the knowledge, expertise, and experience that I’ve accumulated in the last 4 years and launched an online course teaching others how to build THEIR online course. 

In ANY industry? And that is how Digital Course Recipe came to life!

What makes Digital Course Recipe different than other trainings like it?


  • Digital Course Recipe

You’ll get lifetime access to the course material. So if you ever need to go back and review a lesson to improve your online course, you can do that. FOREVER.

  • Other Trainings

You have access to this training for one year, so if that’s not enough time, you’ll have to sign up again. 


  • Digital Course Recipe

You have lifetime access to our private Facebook group. So, you can go back and review as much as you need to.

  • Other Trainings

The Facebook group will be archived once the class ends. All information shared in the group is valuable so, make sure to take some notes!


  • Digital Course Recipe

Join my team and I, on our weekly Q&A session.

  • Other Trainings

Where is the instructor? Is she going to show up? Do we ever get to speak to her? I haven’t heard from her since registration day.